About Yoga for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the beginning of an essential lifestyle change.

You're becoming a mom, bringing your child into your family and the world. A wonderful task and a huge responsibility. Caring for ourselves and the little being we carry in our body becomes our life's priority.

Everything we think, feel, do, eat we share with our baby. There is a period of pregnancy to prepare ourselves for childbirth and motherhood. Yoga is a natural gift to help us to reconnect with female wisdom and strength within us. It helps us to get rid of tension, to feel younger and happier, to feel lightness and empowerment. We learn a lot about ourselves, about our courage, endurance and energy. Still, the greatest benefit of yoga in pregnancy is calmness. The calmness that we find within ourselves during the yoga practice allows us to naturally connect with our baby, to listen and communicate with this little being. Also, whatever the circumstances are during the birth, yoga can help us to stay relaxed and calm. And the fact that we have discovered yoga during pregnancy is just the beginning. In fact, we have discovered a wonderful and healthy way to deal with everyday life challenges.

You are welcome to explore the experience that I have also had before my son Darian was born.